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 Most store bought coffee is a blend of various sources and may be months old. Even when sealed, roasted coffee is stale a month from the roasting date. Ground coffee is stale twenty minutes after grinding.  The green beans, before roasting, are fresh for two to three years and sometimes even longer.

Do yourself a favour. Buy freshly roasted high end single source coffee beans. Do yourself another favour. Grind just enough coffee to make one pot of coffee immediately before making that pot of coffee. You will soon be spoiled and not want “ordinary” already stale coffee again.

Our roastery name SHaBean is based on the designation (SHB) standing for "Strictly Hard Bean" that often comes after the name of high end single source beans grown in the Americas.

High end single source coffee beans are grown in volcanic soils at elevations above 3000 feet and higher in the tropics. These coffee beans grow slowly and end up harder than other coffee beans. The harder the beans, the more intense the flavours. The beans, usually two, are seeds in a coffee “cherry” about five eights of an inch in diameter.  When ripe the cherry is bright red (occasionally yellow with some plants). The coffee “trees” are pruned to about six feet so that the coffee cherries can be picked from the ground.

Currently we are roasting coffee from four continents: Africa, North America, South America, and Asia.

The Coffee Belt circling the globe between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn where all coffee is grown

Coffee Belt

Espresso Bold is our espresso blend. Espresso is not a kind of coffee bean: rather espresso is a coffee making method. Under high pressure hot water is forced through finely ground coffee in approximately 25 seconds to produce a shot of espresso. Our Espresso Bold combines Sumatra Mandheling with Costa Rica Tarrazu: the Sumatra contributes body and crema, and the Costa Rica contributes brightness, bite and flavour.

Kenya AA is grown on the eastern slope of Mount Kenya. The “AA” refers to bean size and is the top quality Kenya coffee. Kenya AA has a bright acidity, and a winy after taste. It is thick and flavourful and sometimes known as the cabernet of coffees.

Guatemala Antigua is a complex aromatic coffee shade grown in the mountains near Antigua, Guatemala. It is thick with chocolate overtones: our favourite North American coffee.

Costa Rica Tarrazu is an aromatic complex full body bright coffee, bittersweet chocolate with a winey finish. We roast it dark. This coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance.

Peru Organic Fair Trade is shade grown mostly in northern Peru at high altitudes in the Andes. Because the beans develop slowly the flavours become intense with a pronounced sweetness. This coffee with medium acidity is roasted medium or dark and valued as a breakfast coffee.

Papua New Guinea AA is grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and the AA designates the highest quality. Look for a full bodied coffee with a citrus-forward brightness, and floral, nutty, and caramel notes. There is a fig like sweetness from the first sip to the aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling, is from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia and undergoes a wet-hull process separating the seeds from the coffee cherries. This coffee has a thick syrupy texture with a herbal aroma.

Coffee Gift Baskets: an assortment of 3 - 360 gram coffees from 3 continents.

Green coffee beans: Home coffee roasters can purchase green beans, any strain we have in stock. We remind you that all strains are high end single source.

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