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Links - Coffee Crafters develops and manufacturers high quality fluid bed roasters for commercial and home use. Our main roaster is the Artisan 9 made by Coffee Crafters. - Check out our new blog! - The Green Beanery is a not for profit Canadian corporation, subsiduary of Probe International. From the Green Beanery you can buy green coffee beans, roasted beans, and a lot of equipment for roasting and brewing coffee. - Another Canadian company selling roasted and green coffee and a lot of quality equipment including espresso makers. -  The Specialty Coffee Association has members around the world including roasteries, cafes, barristas: those in the coffee business wanting quality, jutice and sustainability. SCA impact is quality for us and fairness and improved farming practices for farmers and producers. - Sweet Marias is an American company selling green coffee and related equipment. The descriptions of different single source coffee are often excellent. Also the reviews of equipment they sell are straight about the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment. - Coffeegeek brings together people enthusiastic about all things coffee. There you can find frank reviews and good instructions for various items of coffee equipment. - Rk Drums named for founder Ron Kyle is now operated by Shane Lewis. What is sold are the pieces of equipment to convert a gas barbeque into a coffee roaster. Various sizes of drums are sold such that large loads can be roasted. When we went commercial, SHaBean Coffee Roastery used an RK Drum roaster. Our experience was quality equipment and excellent support. - huge amounts of reviews, instructions, and espresso information


Jeff Koehler
     Where the Wild Coffee Grows
     This subperb history is rich in social history geographic descriptions and anecdotes: reads like a good novel!

Kenneth Davids     

       Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying
       Home Coffee Roasting: Romance & Revival
Anything by Kenneth Davids on coffee is worth reading.

Mark Pendergrast
     Uncommon Grounds
A good history of coffee.

James Hoffmann
     The World Atlas of Coffee
Following an introduction are maps, photos and descriptions of the coffee growing regions of the world.

Lani Kingston
    How to Make Coffee
For me the strength of this book is the explanations of the chemistry of making coffee.

Simone Egger & Ruby Ashby Orr
    The Home Barista: How to Bring Out the Best in Every Coffee Bean
A succinct and attractive explanation for preparing great coffee

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