SHaBean Coffee Roastery Artisan Coffee Seeley's Bay Ontario

ShaBean Coffee Roastery Seeleys Bay ON

"Where expertise rules the roast!"

SHaBean Coffee Roastery is a small artisanal roastery owned and operated by Mary Whitney-Barker in Seeley's Bay, Ontario . SHaBean specializes in roasting single source, high quality coffee beans in our Coffee Crafters fluid commercial roaster. Our registered name “SHaBean” is a word invented from high quality coffee beans from Central America where the initials “SHB” often follow the name of the coffee strain. SHB stands for “simply hard bean”. These coffee beans grown at high altitudes develop slowly growing hard and having intense flavours compared to most coffee beans.

Our coffees are wholesaled to fine rural retailers in eastern Ontario. Unlike most coffees (almost all!) SHaBean puts the roasting date on every bag and we roast only after an order is placed. Usually the coffee is roasted and delivered on the same day. Sometimes the coffee is still warm from roasting! Discriminating coffee consumers can purchase freshly roasted arabica beans. We recommend treating coffee like produce: buy it in small quantities and consume it when it is fresh.

We have some retail customers who phone ahead so we can fill their order at the same time as we are filling a larger wholesale order. It matters to us that our coffee is fresh!


SHaBean Coffee is available at:

Freshmarts in Seeley’s Bay, Elgin and Lansdowne

Wendy’s Country Market, Lyndhurst

Ridgway Confections, Seeley’s Bay

The Green Gecko, Lyndhurst

The Village Store, Athens

Rosie Yumski's, Westport

Rideau Breeze Marina, Seeley's Bay

Fisherman's Hardware and Auto Shop, Seeley's Bay

Waddell Apples - Orchard & Farm Store (in season!), Kingston

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127 Haskins Point Road
Seeley's Bay, Ontario

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